Ghana’s Afronita & Abigail Receive Standing Ovation At Britain’s Got Talent

Ghanaian dancers, Afronita and her protege Abigail Dromo, stole the spotlight on Britain’s Got Talent with an electrifying dance performance that garnered them a standing ovation.

Snippets of their captivating routine quickly went viral on social media, sparking pride and excitement among Ghanaians.

Afronita, a passionate 20-year-old dancer, recently launched her dance academy, offering aspiring young dancers the opportunity to train under her mentorship.

Abigail, a seven-year-old deaf dancer, emerged as the winner of Talented Kid’s season 14, showcasing her exceptional talent at a tender age.

Before their performance, Afronita revealed to the judges that she decided to mentor Abigail after being inspired by her dance videos online. Their collaboration proved to be a winning formula, as they received four enthusiastic yeses from the judges, with Simon Cowell even hailing them as one of his favourite auditions of the year.

The duo mesmerized the audience with their electric performance to Fuse ODG’s ‘Antenna’ and ‘Dangerous Love’ featuring Sean Paul.

Dancing to the beats of Azonto, a cherished cultural phenomenon in Ghana and the UK, the duo brought the essence of this vibrant dance style to the Britain’s Got Talent stage, captivating viewers and even catching the attention of notable British personalities.

Afronita and Abigail’s stellar display not only showcased their exceptional talent but also highlighted the enduring influence of Ghanaian culture on the global stage cementing their status as rising stars in the world of dance.