Govt Clearing Outstanding Payments To National Association of Institutional Suppliers

Dr. Osei yaw Adutwum


The government has initiated the process of settling long-overdue payments owed to the National Association of Institutional Suppliers, a move prompted by an agreement reached with the Ministry of Education.

The commencement of this payment process, which started on Monday, April 4, comes in the wake of a demonstration staged by the suppliers to press for the resolution of their payment arrears.

In an interview with Citi News, Emmanuel Ayivor, the Public Relations Officer for the National Association of Institutional Suppliers, confirmed the government’s commitment to disbursing the outstanding payments to the association’s members.

Ayivor expressed satisfaction with the government’s prompt action, stating, “The government promised that our payment would be done for those in the final year by Wednesday and for those in the second year, part would also be paid by Wednesday. And truly, to their words, they have begun payment and most of the members have confirmed on the platform that they are paying.”

As part of the agreement between the government and the suppliers, a meeting has been scheduled for Monday to review the progress of the payment disbursement and assess the extent to which the arrears have been settled. This cooperative effort reflects a positive step towards resolving the financial grievances that the National Association of Institutional Suppliers has raised.

The ongoing payment process signifies a concrete step towards honoring the commitments made to the institutional suppliers and marks a significant development in reinstating financial stability for the members of the association.

By Vincent Kubi