HD+, Happy FM Celebrate Fathers


Theodore Asampong, CEO of HD+

Ghana’s premium high-definition satellite broadcast service provider, SES HD PLUS and Ghana’s most innovative radio brand, Happy 98.9 FM have celebrated fathers in grand style, pointing out to naysayers that Father’s Day cannot be a pale shadow of other celebrations.

The two industry giants under one umbrella on the eve of Father’s Day, organised an outdoor event dubbed ‘Father’s Day Out’. This event was to celebrate and congratulate fathers for their utmost devotion to their families and for always prioritising them.

The event which came off at the Legon Botanical Gardens was massively patronised, and saw families contesting in competitive and fun games to bond and win prizes.

Families participated in games and other sporting activities such as football, treasure hunts, arm wrestling, table tennis, cards, ludo, oware and checkers.

Whilst these games were ongoing, HD+ and Happy FM had also set up a free medical screening section to run free tests on eye, general medical screening and an ailment which affects most men, prostate cancer. The free medical screening service was provided by Cedar Medical Plaza.

A host of renowned TV and radio personalities doubled by celebrities turned up to support and participate in the ‘Father’s Day Out’. Actors Akrobeto, Papa Nii and Araba Atta, Musicians Ex-Doe and Righteous Vandyke of Nsoroma fame and the thrilling dancing referee, Referee Somo made the event colourful.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SES HD Plus Ghana had this to say: “Last month we honoured our mothers and today we are doing same for our fathers to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of fatherhood. Most people talk about how their fathers are disciplinarians and hard workers when asked to share fond memories of them. But we seek to change that. We want the Ghanaian to start saying thank you and love you daddy to their fathers as fatherhood is equally as important as motherhood.”

To him, the ‘Father’s Day Out’ event will propel Father’s Day and make it a celebration no one can ever forget or downplay anymore.

Programmes Manager for Happy FM, Elwoode Mantey, asserts the ‘Father’s Day Out’ event will go down in history books as the event that institutionalised the celebration of fathers in a magnificent manner.

“Fathers are barely celebrated and we seek to change that. HD+ and Happy FM joined forces to make this Father’s Day event grand and to let fathers know we have not forgotten about them and that we cherish them as much as we do mothers,” he added.

He also used the opportunity to thank sponsors, partners and all who turned up to make ‘Father’s Day Out’ a success.