I Took A Break To Work As A Bouncer- Macho Rapper

Tema-based musician Eric Owusu Ansah, popularly known as Macho Rapper, has revealed that he has been working as a nightclub security guard in Abu Dhabi, UAE, for the past four years.

Macho Rapper shared insights into his decision to pursue this career path during an interview on Hitz FM with Andy Dosty on Wednesday.

Explaining his hiatus from music, Macho Rapper emphasized the importance of financial stability, stating, “Man must look for money.”

He highlighted the need to explore other ventures to secure his financial future, temporarily putting his music career on hold.

In addition to his work as a security guard, Macho Rapper revealed his aspirations beyond the music industry.

He expressed his desire to establish a fitness centre catering to celebrities and industry stakeholders, aligning with his passion for health and wellness.

Macho Rapper’s journey in the music industry traces back to his time at Accra Technical Training College, where he studied Automobile Engineering.

He gained recognition as a member of the defunct Nsidie group, known as Okamafuo, before embarking on his solo career.

His musical journey began in the year 2000, culminating in the release of his debut single, “Twi Pop,” featuring Wanlov the Kubolor and Castro.

Despite his current focus on his side job, Macho Rapper remains dedicated to his musical roots and continues to pursue his passion for music whenever possible.