I Took Break From Music Because Of Heartbreak -Efya


Songstress, Efya Nokturnal has been explaining why she is not being very active in the music scene for sometime now.

According to her, she was heartbroken at a point, and so she decided to take a break to heal.

“I was heartbroken that I didn’t want to sing. You know I’m a baby girl so the way I feel matters to me a lot, and it wasn’t something I wanted to deal with at that time,” she told AJ Sarpong on 3FM.

She added that she has been working tirelessly in the music industry for 15 years and so she also needed a break.

“Also, I’ve been working for15 years without break and in between these times I’ve been performing on all the shows and still representing. And I think I gave everyone their feature,” she indicated.