iOna Reine Apologizes To Mzbel


Singer, iOna Reine who has switched from secular to gospel music after surrendering her life to serving God, has apologised to her one-time best friend, Mzbel to let off issues they had in the past.

According to her, she is sorry for whatever happened between her and Mzbel.

She should therefore forgive her.

Mzbel and iOna were best of friends to the extent that iOna was staying in Mzbel’s home.

But they let go of the friendship over an unclear reason.

Mzbel was reported to have alleged that iOna put out their personal matters in the public domain, hence her decision to let her go.

But Iona Reine has called for a truce.

She wanted peace to reign between them.

Speaking on Peacefm she said it is in the best interest of humans to live at peace with each other.

“I have learnt a lot of things within these past three years. It’s not my wish to have any problem with anybody and I’ll use your platform to reach out to her and say that I wish that we do not have any problem. I want to see her on the street and say hello to her without feeling someway. She should forgive me if she has anything against me. I ask that she should forgive me. If she is listening, whatever problems we have, she should forgive me.”

“Nowadays, people die anyhow, so if you have issues with someone, it doesn’t help. I want us to live in peace and I don’t continue living with that burden on my conscience,” she added.