Kojo Bonsu Condemns Recent NDC Election Violence

Kojo Bonsu


Kojo Bonsu, former Mayor of Kumasi and a contender for the flagbearership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has called for a probe into the recent violence in the party’s internal elections.

In a statement, he expressed disgust at the incident.

“It is with the most somber mood that I wish to communicate my utmost disgust in the violence that we all witnessed emanating from different venues of our national executive elections.  This boot for boot type of politics has been condemned by Ghanaians in the past and we must continue to do so,” he said.

“As I watched the sad developments, I was overwhelmed by the certain disappointment that our great Founder and past patriots would feel to watch some bad nuts bring our party identity into disrepute. What an insult to the philosophy of social democracy that we have upheld since the beginning of our Fourth Republic!”

The NDC, he said, is in need of dynamic and committed leadership with integrity that will set a good example for the youth to emulate.

Currently, he said the NDC seems to be in a snooze mode, adding “alarm bells are ringing all around us and we continue to slumber at the ultimate peril of our party’s chance to provide sound leadership again in this land. We must learn from our last challenge at the courts that the election is won at the polling station, which calls for greater vigilance and proper organisation to deliver victory.”

The perpetrators of these abominable acts were obviously acting in the interest of one individual or another, and not any representation of our party, he said.

“It is disappointing that we have adults in 2022 who will risk their lives to unleash violence on others in service of someone they allegedly look up to. Such individuals by their exhibited character are not fit for public service, and I wish to distance myself from anyone who condones such short sighted behaviour that brings us all shame.

“I together with all law abiding Ghanaians expect that a proper probe will unearth and expose the culprits and those who may have inspired them to act so criminally and distastefully to bring shame to our party,” he said.

He called on the newly elected executives to work diligently to squash all disagreements “within our ranks and to realise that the stakes are too high to encourage disunity amongst us.”

Ghana now more than ever, he said, “needs a level headed administration to take over the leadership and governance of this land and we must seize the opportunity to demonstrate in truth the qualities and values that engender trust from our fellow Ghanaians.”

By A.R. Gomda