Krobos Fight ECG Again Over Prepaid Meters

There is uneasy calm at Nuaso Old Town in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality of the Eastern Region over the installation of prepaid meters by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) few days after restoration of electric power to the area.

Some residents of Nuaso Old Town alleged military brutality after resisting the installation of ECG meters.

The residents claim, a team from the power company with military personnel stormed their houses to install prepaid meters and subjected them to severe beatings.

Their crime, according to them was their refusal to accept the prepaid meters.

They claim that the assault has led to injuries on their bodies as they have been left with deep wounds.

Per information gathered by DGN Online, some residents attempted attacking the ECG team as one of them attempted pouring hot oil on them and the military.

Others also threatened to inflict cutlass wounds on them if they dared to install the new meters.

Speaking on the matter, the ECG in the Tema Region explained that there was resistance by some residents when a woman threatened to pour hot oil on the ECG and military personnel.

Suddenly, crowd started massing up around one ECG Team but the military was able to retrieve a cutlass from one of the aggrieved persons.

According to ECG, there have been reports of constant verbal abuses and attacks on the personnel doing the installation in Nuaso Old Town.

Meanwhile, ECG has withdrawn its team from Nuaso Old Town and condemned the attacks and unfortunate situations, calling for peace and calm that they can discharge their duties.

By Vincent Kubi