Kwaku Manu Exposes Celebrities

Kwaku Manu


Kumawood actor and comedian, Kwaku Manu says he is very certain many celebrities in the showbiz industry are going into politics because of hunger and not necessarily the desire to serve.

According to him, many people including celebrities have found their new love for politics because there is a lot of money to be made there.

“Celebrities are hungry and it is the main reason some of us are going into politics. There’s nothing happening for us at the moment and I think it’s about time the government came to our rescue. Both the NPP and NDC governments made huge promises but nothing is happening,” he indicated.

“How are we supposed to have better lives when our leaders don’t think about us but themselves? Here in Ghana, our leaders are always enriching themselves, their friends and families and not thinking about the ordinary citizens, and it is quite a sad development,” he stated.

Speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz in Accra last Saturday, Kwaku Manu also disclosed that he does not know the Minister of Tourism.

“I don’t even know the Minister of Tourism because I don’t know what he has done for the industry.

“Ask most celebrities who the Minister of Tourism is, and I can tell you about 90% will fail the test. It is obvious we have been neglected because nothing is happening,” he added.