Law Enforcement Is Winning


Generosity towards the Ghana Police Service in terms of showering plaudits upon them when the time calls for it is not a common phenomenon with us.

The feats of the law enforcement personnel are usually dwarfed by some serious blunders on the part of the police and in recent times there have been many.

The slanting of reportage to create a picture of insecurity has also not helped matters.

In this light, therefore, the inroads being made by the police do not attract positive headlines to raise the morale of personnel.

We can state unequivocally that the Police Administration has recalibrated its operational strategies and the results are heartwarming and are knocking off the heebie-jeebies.

With the strengthening of the intelligence unit of the Service and members of the public also realizing the importance of cooperating with law enforcement and not hesitating to that, the criminals like mongrels with their tails tucked between their hind legs are now on the back-foot.

The Police as it were have taken the fight to their dens some of which are not in Accra but in nearby regions such as the Eastern and Central regions.

The inroad made at Ntoaso in Eastern Region is one of the latest in a series of accomplishments the Police are recording in the war between the state and the underworld.

One of the stories in this edition is about how intelligence has enabled the Police to dislodge the base of the robbers at Ntoaso in the Eastern recovering an amazing stash of arms.

There is no doubt that the revised operational strategies the Inspector General of Police and his administration have rolled out have impacted positively in the triumphs being witnessed.

The previously near-daily stories about the armed robbers striking at will have now given way to a welcoming long hiatus.  The armed robbers now dare not undertake the daylight robberies they were so fond of.

While we doff our hats for the wonderful performance of the police at moment it is our hope that it would be consistent. In such operations, allowing the criminals breathers can be dangerous because they are able to regroup and strike even more viciously and daringly.

Looking at the names of the wanted persons and the nature of the crimes they have committed, we are at a loss as to how we allowed so many non-Ghanaians to join hands with local armed robbers to disturb the peace of this country.

In one of our editorials we did state that the newfound daring nature of armed robbery some in broad daylight is a novelty, and could have been introduced to local criminals by their ECOWAS counterparts.

We have been vindicated as the CID boss COP Ken Yeboah during his briefing a couple of days ago said some of the persons on the wanted list are non-Ghanaians.

There are dividends in supporting the Police with information about criminals in our society.

Raising the morale of law enforcement officers will also encourage them to do more.

Flushing the criminals from our midst is a task that must be done by all of us as members of the public and law enforcement personnel.