Mahama’s 24-Hour Economy Policy Hollow– Nana Akomea

Nana Akomea


Nana Akomea, Vice Chairman of the ‘Bawumia 2024 Campaign Team,’ has raised doubts about the feasibility of the 24-hour economy proposal put forward by the flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress, John Dramani Mahama.

During an interview on Citi TV, the former Okaikwei South MP criticized the lack of clarity in Mahama’s proposal and questioned the practicality of legislating market conditions.

“What will emerge in the campaign is Mahama says 24-hour economy. Me, I don’t understand it. When you ask them, they say it means people selling ‘waakye’ can do so throughout the night. When you ask another, they say farmers can farm throughout the night,” Akomea said.

He also highlighted the various explanations given by different individuals within Mahama’s campaign, further adding to the confusion.
Akomea emphasized that one cannot legislate market conditions and cannot pass a law dictating the operating hours of businesses such as radio stations.

In evaluating the visions of the two main flagbearers, Nana Akomea emphasized the importance of focusing on what they bring to the table and their proposed solutions.

“What are the two gentlemen bringing to the table, what are their visions? What are the offer prepositions? This business that oh Bawumia is part of Akufo-Addo, he’s part of the difficulty. If you listen to the NDC, Bawumia is responsible for the difficulty. All of that will die down,” he said.

Furthermore, Akomea highlighted Bawumia’s proposal to stabilize the economy using gold. He explained Bawumia’s intention to establish a gold purchase program by the Bank of Ghana, stating that it would revolutionize the economy.

“Bawumia’s message is that I’m going to put this country on the gold standard. One of the biggest things we have in this country that affects the cost of living is the instability of the cedi. Because we are an import-dependent economy. We import so much, so there’s a demand for dollars, and it makes the cedi weak,” he explained.

Akomea praised the idea of using gold as a stabilizing force for the currency, mentioning that it had not been considered since Dr. Kwame Nkrumah’s time. He further explained that Bawumia’s plan would involve Ghanaians owning and mining the gold, with the Bank of Ghana playing a crucial role in the process.

“These ideas are revolutionary,” Akomea stated, expressing his belief in Bawumia’s proposed solutions.

As the election season progresses, the debate between the two main candidates will likely continue, with both Mahama and Bawumia presenting their visions for Ghana’s future.

By Vincent Kubi