Makeup Ghana Joins National Committee For Cosmetics

Rebecca Donkor and Stephanie Adu

Makeup Ghana, a major beauty brand behind the organisation of Ghana Makeup Awards and Africa’s largest beauty trade fair; Africa Makeup and Beauty (AMB), is now a new member on National Committee for Cosmetics.

The committee  oversees  the general well-being of the cosmetic industry via ensuring efficient standards.

As part of its statutory functions, the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), once again reconstructs the National Technical Committee for Cosmetics (GSA/TC 3) by scouting for individuals from a selected number of organisations.

The call for experts from the privileged few, been identified as important stakeholders by GSA for the committee, is a strategy to engage experts and professionals. Since the scope of work of this Technical Committee is standardisation and doubles as the National Mirror Committee (NMC) which supports regional  and international  standardisation  activities for the cosmetics sector.

Within the framework of driving for standardisation, the beauty industry advocate – Makeup Ghana (MUG) over the years engaged with GSA, to explore the development of a private quality certification scheme for beauty products and therefore the call did come as no surprise.

MUG serving on the committee is represented by the Founder/CEO, Rebecca Donkor, as the principal representative and the Founder/CEO of Colorbox Cosmetics, Stephanie Adu, as the alternate representative. These two vibrant female entrepreneurs are known for holding in high esteem the best and approved practices in operating in the beauty space and therefore are expected to ensure the implementation of excellent measures for the sector.

Makeup Ghana is described as a social enterprise creating a unifying platform for the stakeholders in the beauty industry in Ghana, including makeup professionals, makeup brands, beauty retailers and fashion and beauty content creators.