Minority Vote To Remove Ofori-Atta Fails, As Majority Walks Out


Minority in Parliament vote of Censure motion against Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta has hit a gargantuan rock after hours of debating in Parliament.

A total of 136 out of the 137 Minority MPs voted to get the Finance Minister out of office which is below the required two-thirds majority of parliament which should be about 184 MPs.

The Minority was required to get at least 47 MPs from the NPP side but however failed to get them to their side.

As a result the vote was lost and the minister still remains at post even though his side is pushing for his exit.

Lawmakers on the Majority side of the House, staged a walkout before the commencement of the vote.

According to them, they do not want to partake in a process they believe does not have proper grounds.

The Majority referenced Pontius Pilate washing his hands off the trial of Jesus Christ and stormed out of Parliament leaving many political and New Patriotic Party (NPP) fanatics stunned.

The Parliament of Ghana resorted to the secret ballot to determine the fate of Mr. Ofori-Atta after hours of debating the vote of censure motion against him.

He was charged with gross mismanagement of the economy by the Majority caucus in Parliament kick-starting a petition by the Minority Caucus calling for his removal.

However, the Finance Minister in his defence, Ken Ofori insisted he is innocent.

He said “If I say I am innocent they [the Minority] won’t believe me and if I ask for the truth and proof, they won’t be able to provide it. I have committed no crime.”

By Vincent Kubi