Nana Ama McBrown Endorses Women Undergoing Liposuction


Nana Ama McBrown

Actress and TV host, Nana Ama McBrown, has justified why women should undergo liposuction without any fear if they have the resources to do so.
According to her, it is one of the process for women to maintain and enhance their bodies and they should be able to go through it if they find it necessary.
She made the statement during SHE Summit Mentorship Africa Series in Kumasi under the theme, ‘Breaking the Bias: Leading by Example for a Sustainable Tomorrow’.
“Liposuction. I am saying it and I’m not shy because if you are growing and you are comfortable and you have the resources and you are healthy. You still need maintenance.

“If you buy a car in the year 2000 and you drive it through to the year 2002, so can’t you spray the car? Please tell me, so won’t you change the bonnet, Eii. If you live a comfortable life and you can afford it please do,” she said.
The statement followed recent allegations that Nana Ama had undergone the knife to enhance her buttocks.