No Woman, No Cry!!

Dateline—November 2001, time check circa 3:00pm. Location: Accra, Ministry of Local Government, where I was working as MP and Deputy Minister under my boss, Hon. Kwadwo Baah Wiredu (MP), now of blessed memory.

He and I were mates at Legon— he was doing Accounting at the School of Administration and I was doing Law. We were both in Commonwealth Hall and when I was JCR president he was my treasurer. He knew me very well.

On this day in question, from Parliament I went to the Ministries and spent about two hours in the minister’s office working. Finally, he released me to go to my own office, but just as I entered, his secretary tapped my shoulder, “Captain, Minister says you should come.”

By reflex I protested, “But I just left his office? “When I entered he was busily writing something. He did not even bother to look at me – “Kwame, go with this man to represent me at a function at the Teachers’ Hall. Don’t worry, you can handle it…”

The man turned out to be a fully bearded short man with a nickname ‘ON THE GROUND’, who seemed to be in more hurry than anybody.” Captain, please hurry.”

I called my driver and police bodyguard, sat in the Nissan Patrol and within ten minutes, we were at the Teachers’ Hall. When I entered the lobby, I saw six well-dressed gentlemen, all in black suit like me. There was no time for handshakes or pleasantries. One of them said, “Sir, we can now go in…” So I followed, entered to find the hall packed to capacity, with over ten television cameras and a host of pressmen.

Immediately we entered, everybody stood up and the MC did not even allow us to sit down – opening prayers!

Oh God of hosts, what is this? Nobody has told me anything as to what I was there to do – fortunately, the prayers took some few minutes, and something told me to look up, behind me, where I saw a banner ‘Public Lecture…..Chairman. Hon K Baah Wiredu, Minister of Local Government…’

Very well. I relaxed. To act as chairman? No problem.

Reader, it turned out to be the most educative, most eye-opening, thought-provoking and most consuming public lecture I have ever attended in my life. Throughout the one-and-a half-hour lecture delivered by Rev. Bening, the Teachers’ Hall was absolutely quiet, the audience held spellbound.

Let me attempt to summarise, almost twenty years after. Long long ago, more than 10,000 years, GOD told Himself that the only thing He cannot do is to praise Himself, so He created angels to sing his praises daily. He made Lucifer the head of the angels and used bright brilliant shining minerals, which made Lucifer think that he is also a god, so Almighty God drove him out of heaven, together with a third of the angels.

In replacement, Almighty God decided to create man, but instead of using brilliant minerals, Almighty God used plain raw soot black soil, so Adam (meaning black) and his wife Eve were ALL BLACKS. The first emperor in history, General Nimrod was black, Noah and his entire family were all blacks.

There was only one race – BLACK. They did so many abominable things that God decided to destroy the world with water, but He preserved Noah and his family.

Throughout the 150 days that NOAH and his family spent in the ark, Almighty God wiped out entire humanity with the flood. But God felt sorry and promised that He will never destroy the world again, and set the rainbow as an eternal covenant between Him and man.

According to Rev. Bening, during the flood, life in the ark was very cold, and the pigmentation of the skin changed (I noticed this myself when I was a cadet at Sandhurst, UK, for 14 months. I observed that the cold weather (winter) had made my black skin become very bright).

But Almighty God preserved the third born of Noah (Ham) and his descendants still black. So, the entire black race all over the world today traces its ancestry through Noah, Ham and Cush.

As generations emerged, the Noah-Ham-Cush ethnic group, called the KA people, originators of Canaan somewhere between Egypt (meaning black) and Israel built empires, great scientists and engineers, making Egypt one of the longest-running empires in world history, with their mind-boggling pyramids still in existence!

Reader, are you with me? We are cruising 50,000 kilometres above sea level – fasten your seat belts!

According to Rev. Bening, the blacks in the beginning of world history did fantastic things, like the Carthaginian Empire that lasted 700 years, conquered northern Spain, led by General Hannibal, whose son founded Barcelona, commonly referred to as Barca. The Spanish pro-secessionist group Catalonia has black origins.

Rev. Bening said a series of conquests led to migration of the KA people out of Canaan in several directions, founding Ghana-Mali-Songhai gigantic empires. A group migrated down the Nile River, calling their chiefs ‘Nii’ after River Nile! Their descendants today finally settled at the Gold Coast (my father in-law’s daughter’s people – the GAS!)

The main group from Ghana-Mali-Songhai finally settled at Takyiman. There, a breakaway group – Fanti – moved downwards to the coasts, founding Mankessim (big nation) and the other group who were thick headed – Asoanti – corrupted ASANTE finally ended in the forest belt of Kwaman later Kumasi.

Rev. Bening says names like Apraku, Amu and others are all traceable to Egypt.

But the blacks did not have it easy, in fact, have never had it easy. Lucifer and his host of fallen angles declared war on the black race, no wonder they forced blacks to commit heinous crimes like sodomy which made God feel sorry for creating man, punishing them with the floods.

Lucifer has not relented in his war against the black race. We are the darling boys of the world, and that annoys Lucifer. He made the black skin to become a symbol of slavery, and for three hundred years two million blacks were hunted down and exported from Africa to the new world as slaves.

The other day, I took my father in-law’s daughter on a visit to Cape Coast Castle and as the guide related the terrible atrocities that the white slave masters meted out to the female slaves, Gloria wept like a baby, our children – looking on, helpless.

Conventional wisdom is that the AIDS disease was deliberately produced to wipe out the black race, but once again Almighty God came to the rescue of the black race.

For as long as Almighty God remains Creator of Heaven and Earth, the black race will survive every assault.

While campaigning for US President, Candidate Donald Trump dismissed the blacks in America as being lazy people but very good at sex, a perception which annoys some of the whites, so they vent their spleen or defenceless George Floyd, Rayshar Brooks and others!

I was touched to the bone marrow when I saw a news item in Euro News showing a female black member of European Parliament shedding tears as she recounted how the Belgian police used force and brutalities on her just because she is black.

In the words of the legendary Bob Marley, ‘NO, WOMAN, NO CRY’!

Almighty God will never surrender the black race for decimation by Lucifer. By His grace, we shall survive. In spite of all the massive rape and exploitation of our natural resources, Africa’s natural heritage is 80% intact for the benefit of unborn generations.

The CIA toppled President Nkrumah of Ghana, the enemies of Africa removed Samora Machel and killed Patrice Lumumba. They killed General Mutala Mohammed and Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso.

They enjoy seeing us sweating under their agents like Houphoet Boigny, Mobutu Sese Seko Idi Anim and others, but no matter how long it takes, as certain as the sun will rise tomorrow, one day, the BLACK RACE will smile again as in the days of Noah, Ham and Cush.

To God be the glory.

By Nkrabeah Effah Dartey