Pablo Hxncho Releases Visuals For ‘Tsunii’

Pablo Hxncho


Pablo Hxncho is transforming the Afro-dancehall scene with his spiritually-driven music journey, beginning with his 2019 debut single ‘Need You.’

Collaborating with industry heavyweights like Ball J, Medikal, and Kwaw Kese, he continues to captivate fans with his unique sound and heartfelt melodies.

His latest video ‘Tsunii,’ shot by Video Director Da Sambo, highlights how real Pablo Hxncho sees life and his deep connection with the youth and street life, and shares a testament to his dedication to the genre as well as his role as a prominent figure on the musical landscape.

‘Tsunii,’ which literally means work in the local dialect Ga, is a tribute to the streets and the youth, capturing the essence of Ghanaian life that fuels his music.

It’s a nod to his roots and his place in the Afro-dancehall world, making waves with his unique style.

Pablo Hxncho’s music isn’t just about melodies—it’s a spiritual journey that resonates with our Ghanaian heritage.

With every rhythm and verse, he invites us to embrace our roots and vibe to the beat of our culture.

‘Tsunii’ was released under the Speech Production Record Label and distributed by AMUSE.