Ramadan Support For Blind School Muslims

Paapa Angola presenting the items to a staff of the school on behalf of the donator at the Akropong School for the Blind


Last Friday, Muslim students at the Akropong School for the Blind received a donation from Alhaji Suraj Tanko, an accountant with a state agency in Accra.

According to the coordinator of the donation, Alhaji Zakariya Sibaway, aka Paapa Angola, “for a long time the attention of Muslims was not on the students in that school, the School for the Deaf and inmates at the Nsawam Prison. Now we know about them, such support has been consistent over the years. A Justice of the Supreme Court for instance organises meals for the students at the Akropong School for the Blind among other benefactors.”

Each of the visually impaired students took turns to express gratitude to Alhaji Suraj Tanko, whose name resonated in the various gratitude rendered in English and Dagbani.

Items donated to the students included bags of tea, Milo, instant oats, sugar, cornflakes and bottled water.

During this month of Ramadan during which Muslims are enjoined to support the needy, Muslim inmates of Nsawam Medium Security Prison have also received assortment of provisions from Muslim groups.

“We shall continue to support such needy persons since after all we are enjoined as Muslims to do so not only at this time but always. This is a feature of Islam,” Paapa Angola said.

BY A.R. Gomda