Rich Flamz Drops New Single ‘How We Do’

Rapper Rich Flamz is out with a new single titled How We Do on Friday.

The new song is not only groovy, but packed with exciting and sweet melodies. Flamz showed dexterity and delivered unique punch lines and rap prowess on the song.

The song and video have since Friday been gaining attention online and, as expected, Flamz will definitely be increasing his fan base in the coming months.

Born Richmond Boateng Adu, he is better known in showbiz as Rich Flamz. He was born December 30, 1993 in Verona, Italy, then moved to the UK to pursue his education.

An Italian/Ghanaian rapper and songwriter, Flamz is known for his impact in the music industry, and producing heavy club bangers.

He started music in 2013 with his first single Quality, and he has since worked very hard.

Rich Flamz is an unsigned artiste and is ready to get himself noticed and work with big labels.

His plan is to get his music worldwide and put Italy or Ghana on the map.

By Francis Addo