Robbers Raid IBM Fuel Station, Bolt With Cash


In a distressing turn of events, armed robbers launched a daring raid on the IBM fuel station located at Pakyi NO2 in the Amansie West district of the Ashanti Region.

Eyewitnesses provided chilling accounts of the chaos that unfolded as the assailants stormed the station, creating a scene of devastation in the peaceful community.

According to eyewitness reports, the armed robbers forcefully entered the premises of the IBM fuel station, instigating a well-coordinated operation that sent shockwaves through the area.
The brazen attack resulted in significant losses for the station and left both staff members and residents traumatized.

The armed perpetrators forcibly entered the station’s office, swiftly disabling the Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) system before absconding with the digital video recorder. The targeted nature of the robbery indicated meticulous planning and a brazen disregard for security measures in place at the establishment.

Tragically, the violence did not stop at property damage, as the gang proceeded to restrain five fuel attendants and a security guard, binding their hands as they executed their nefarious scheme.
Sources disclosed that the robbers managed to loot an estimated one million cedis from the beleaguered station, exacerbating the financial strain experienced by those directly impacted by the criminal act.

Recounting the traumatic ordeal, the Director of IBM fuel station, Kwabena Tawiah, lamented the recurring nature of such incidents, revealing that this despicable raid marked the fourth assault endured by the station at the hands of armed robbers.
Expressing frustration over the perceived vulnerability despite their proximity to a police station, Tawiah emphasized the urgent need for enhanced security measures and proactive policing initiatives in the locality to safeguard against future attacks.

Addressing concerns echoed by traumatized employees who fell victim to the robbery, sentiments of apprehension and insecurity pervaded their testimonies. Beseeching authorities for increased police patrols and fortified security presence in the vicinity, these workers underscored the precarious nature of their daily operations and the profound impact of criminal activities on their well-being.

“As an establishment operating round the clock, we are now forced to curtail our operational hours due to the persistent threat posed by armed robbers,” one of the employees lamented.

By Vincent Kubi