Shut up!… Dampare Hits Back At Accusers

Dr George Akuffo Dampare


Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr George Akuffo Dampare, has defended his record and addressed allegations of mismanagement during a bi-partisan parliamentary committee hearing on Tuesday.

Speaking confidently, the IGP playing emotional game, highlighted his significant rise through the ranks in the Ghana Police Service and asserted his seniority over those accusing him.
Having served in the Ghana Police Service for almost 33 years, IGP Dampare pointed out that he started as a Constable and was promoted to the rank of Commissioner of Police (COP) within 24 years in a unprecedented manner.
He emphasized that this achievement was unprecedented and positioned him as the senior figure amongst his colleagues. “I am senior to all my colleagues seated here,” he stressed.

During the hearing, IGP Dampare referred to the three previous police witnesses as his brothers.
He singled out COP George Alex Mensah as his “senior brother” and expressed a familial connection to him and his wife.
Superintendent Emmanuel Eric Gyebi was referred to as his “kid brother,” while Superintendent George Lysander Asare was described simply as his “brother.”
IGP Dampare highlighted his close relationship with his colleagues and dismissed their allegations as baseless attempts to save face.

The IGP denied claims that his administration is the worst in the history of the Ghana Police Service. He outlined several reforms and initiatives implemented under his leadership, including the establishment of the Police Medical Intervention Unit with a dedicated fund to cater to the health needs of the personnel.
Furthermore, he mentioned the decentralization of various interventions as part of the ongoing efforts to improve the service’s efficiency.

“So, for anybody coming to say you’re the worst is unfounded and unfortunate, and the best thing for the person to do is probably to keep quiet,” IGP Dampare said, refuting the accusations.
As the parliamentary committee continues its investigation into the leaked audio recording, the public remains eager to see how the case unfolds and what actions may be taken based on the testimonies provided.


By Vincent Kubi