Sidechick Sues Bank Chief Over Chop Money, Rent


Trouble is brewing at First Atlantic Bak following a decision by a former National Service Person, Deborah Seyram Adablah to drag the Bank and her former boss, Ernest Kwasi Nimako who she allegedly was in romantic relationship with during the one-year period of her National Service to court over breach of contract.

The lady is demanding several items including accommodation/rent, money to start a business, a car among others as compensation for wasting her time without fulfilling promises made to her during the time of the intimacy.

Deborah alleges in her writ of summons and statement of claims which has since gone viral on social media, that she went into relationship with her boss because she wanted to secure her job and also for her peace of mind in the working environment since other ladies who turned down Managers at First Atlantic Bank made life uncomfortable for them.

She revealed a worrying secret that ladies who work for the Bank are made to make sexual advances at rich people in society in order for them to open accounts with the Bank, saying that something which is worrying but the management looks on unconcerned.

Going back to her relationship with her boss, Ernest Kwasi Nimako, Deborah stated that her boss asked that she rejects a contract offer from the bank to stay home and promised among other things to take care of her basic needs which include rent, medical bills, family planning, and monthly allowance.

As if that is not enough, Deborah revealed that her boss further promised to divorce his wife and marry her because his marriage had broken down beyond repairs.

But somewhere in July 2022, their relationship suffered a blow when the first defendant Ernest Kwasi Nimako decided to stop paying her rent and also providing other benefits he promised her.

This has compelled her to sue her former boss for breach of contract.

She is, therefore, asking the court to make Ernest Kwasi Nimako transfer the title of Car registered GC-7899-21 to her, refund the cost of repair for her car which is GHC10,000, pay a lump sum to help her start a business to take care of herself.

She is also seeking payment of arrears of her monthly allowance of Gh3,000 from July 2022 and arrears of her apartment including renewal of her 2 years rent.

Find copies of the writ below


By Vincent Kubi