Surgeons Undergo Free Heart Valve Repair Training

The surgeons during the simulation exercise

Medical surgeons from five African countries have benefited from a two-day training in heart valve repairs, especially for children with cardiovascular conditions.

The simulation course, held in Accra, enabled the surgeons from Angola, Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, and Uganda, to practice the effective repair of faulty heart valves using the heart prototype in a theater setting.

The training was organized by the African Cultural Institute and Pan African Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery (PASCaTS) as part of their contribution to enhance the skills of African surgeons.

Ghanaian cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon based in Germany, and President of PASCaTS, Professor Charles Yankah, speaking with Daily Guide after the training, said the simulation course which was the first to be organized for African surgeons was highly successful.

He said the six participants were able to practice how to conduct the heart valve repair procedure effectively in the lab, “so they can conduct heart valve surgeries for children to have better quality of life.”

Professor Yankah noted that PASCaTS has been promoting skills development in the health sector with a long term goal of refocusing healthcare tourism on the Africa continent.

He said with this type of simulation training PASCaTS  will be able to establish effectively more quality and skilled trained surgeons in Africa.

“We want to have this as a continental programme and attract more surgeons to come for such programmes to effectively help their patients especially children,” he said.

Prof Yankah said the next simulation course was scheduled to be held in November, 2019, advocating for health organizations involved in surgical procedures to also come on board and support the programme.

“This is the start, we want to continue this programme for many years also for senior surgeons and in future for the young residents, he added.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri