The Needless Power Struggle Must Stop Now!

I write today’s piece with a very heavy heart. My heart bleeds for this nation. The bleeding stems from the fact that the country’s only hope, the Great Elephant, is being killed slowly. Yes, those riding on the Great Elephant have, once again, started playing with the self-destruction button.

They have forgotten so soon how bickering and in-fighting made them handover power to the eagle-headed Umbrella on a silver platter in the 2008 polls. The perks of power have made them so comfortable that they’ve forgotten how the struggle for power by 17 aspirants served as a catalyst for their loss in the 2008 polls.

As I mused sometime back, when heavy clouds are gathering and you have clothes hanging on the drying line, the wisest thing to do is to hurriedly remove the clothes. You also hurriedly call your carpenter to fix your dangling roofing sheets, don’t you?

Unfortunately, the exact opposite is what we are seeing in the Elephant’s camp. It is when the weather had frowned outside with rains threatening to pour that you see them hanging their clothes on the drying line and irrationally removing their roofing sheets.

In case you are still wondering, the so-called Alan-Bawumia power struggle is what I refer to. It is just absurd that such a struggle will start so early in Nana Dee’s 2nd term. I still cannot fathom how a party that has just lost its grip on the country’s Legislature will engage in such self-damaging action.

Need we remind those engaging in the political madness that the success of the party’s next flagbearer is dependent on Nana Dee’s 2nd term performance? Are they oblivious of this fact or they are simply engaging in political foolhardiness?

The supposed return of ‘dumsor’ has dominated the airwaves the past few days. Yes, there have been a few power outages, but it comes nowhere near the kind of power fluctuations we witnessed under President Ogwanfunu. Will it not serve the Elephant better if energies are channelled in deflating the dumsor propaganda instead of the needless political in-fighting?

Were I a leading member of either of the groups, I would start asking about the ‘gang of 88’. This is because the completion of the 88 district hospitals would increase the chances of whoever would lead the party in the 2024 polls.

As a sympathiser of the party, I have my favourite candidate. I definitely will use this medium and other platforms to promote my candidate. But I’ve resisted that temptation for now because that is the wisest thing to do.

Like all two-party systems, where only two parties dominate in an election, the only alternative to the Elephant in this country is the Umbrella. But the hopelessness and the wanton looting of the country’s resources witnessed under the reign of the Umbrella between 2009 and 2016 make me shudder to even imagine seeing it back on the presidential throne. This country cannot survive another “create, loot and share” scheme.

It is thus unfortunate that a critical look at the happenings in the camp of the Elephant does not also inspire any hope. The bickering, name-calling and vicious in-fighting in the name of presidential leadership do not give a picture of a party thinking of the downtrodden.

It’s obvious that those engaging in the needless power struggle have forgotten President Kufuor’s wise counsel: “Let’s unite as a party. I have said this before; I would rather be a messenger in a winning party taking over government, than be a proud General Secretary of a losing party which would be in opposition.”

Suffice to say many party folks are not enthused at the way some Nana Dee appointees treat them, but they are still content to have the opportunity to visit such appointees. Obviously, such an opportunity wouldn’t even be there if the party wasn’t in power.

I therefore, humbly entreat all members of the Osono family to heed the call for unity and sacrifice, because when the he-goat that does not heed good counsel finds the butcher’s knife at his neck, his only cry is TRAGEDY.

See you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!