The Year 2019 In Retrospect!

The year under review was generally positive for me. But for the failure to secure scholarship from my government to pursue a doctoral programme in a top notch foreign university, the year would have been perfect for me. I’m, however, not discouraged by the setback because the dream is still alive!

         I started the year by renewing my expired passport using the newly introduced on-line application. To my dismay, I spent less than 2 hours at the Accra Digital Centre (Premium Application Centre). I was more than impressed with what I saw and experienced. The icing on the cake was receiving the passport on the due date, thus taking only seven working days.

       A year on, my information is that the process is still smooth, transparent and hassle-free. Hon. Shirley Ayorkor Botchway and her charges deserve commendation for the great transformation. Change is good indeed!

       One episode that shook the nation last year was Ahmad Hussein-Suale’s murder. Many fingers pointed at Wofa Ken Agyapong from the Elephant stock. And why not? He was the wizard that cried at night only for Ahmad Hussein-Suale to die the following morning.   

        Of course, Wofa Ken may be innocent. Maybe his outburst on national television about the deceased had no connection to the murder. But it was right for the police to question him. My current worry is that the interest of the police in the murder seems to be dying out gradually.

        Last year also saw the enskinment and coronation of Ya-Na Abubakari Mahama as the new overlord of Dagbon. The Committee of Eminent Chiefs showed great patience and wisdom in ensuring the peace process was successful. The yellow smock President Nana Dee wore to the programme, the trouser known as ‘kurugu’, and the handmade leather boots known as ‘mugri’ made him the cynosure of all eyes. The yellow colour was significant for the occasion because it signified peace.      

         Another episode that generated a lot of debate last year was the Elder Sammy Photo leaked tape. Many used to like his gentle nature but the diabolic machinations under the cover of darkness exposed his true nature. For sure, the wind did expose the faecal matter stashed in the fowl’s anus.

          We now know how far they would go to win power. They don’t mind kidnapping, insulting and falsely accusing public officials in order to win political power. Elder Kidnapper has time without number claimed to have unsoiled hands in the tape saga. But we know better, don’t we?

         The “Boot for Chalewote” economic debate also generated a lot of hubbub last year. Despite the plain insults and name-calling from the ‘Chalewote’ team, which nearly marred the beauty of the debate, many of my folks agreed it was a useful exercise. The Chalewote team, led by the ‘Dog Meat Economist’ did all it could, but the Boot team, led by ‘Walewale Adam Smith’, proved to be far better in words and deeds.

         Those from the umbrella stock have once again failed to neutralize the economic punches of Walewale Adam Smith. This being an election year, one should expect the debate to be fiercer than before. I only hope that the Dog Meat Economist from the umbrella stock would not talk about soft and hard ‘langa-langas’ again in an economic debate.

       The drones finally arrived in the country last year. The “Fly to Save a Life Project” attracted a lot of international attention. It was heartwarming to see my homeland receiving positive reviews on the international media. It is even more heartwarming hearing stories of how the project has already started saving lives.

       So I ask again; now that the drones are here, where are the guinea fowls that flew to neighbouring Burkina Faso? The country patiently awaits their return.

      Abusuapanin, I cannot talk about highlights of last year without talking about the bad dream by our House of Honourables.  The decision by the Parliamentary Service Board to build a new chamber at the cost of US$200 million was a bad dream. It was good they quickly woke up from their slumber to save this country a prolonged nightmare.

         Many other interesting events took place last year, but time and space wouldn’t allow me to discuss everything here. I, however, cannot go without talking about dreams and prophecies of gluttonous prophets. Yes, you heard me right! Most of the prophecies being bandied about are dreams as a result of too much eating. So any party that takes solace in dreams from gluttonous prophets would laugh at the wrong side of its mouth on December 7, 2020.

         I would leave you now so I can go and feast on my beloved wife’s delicious tuo zaafi. Who knows, after filling my protruded belly to the brim, I may dream about the upcoming general elections and give you ‘an authentic’ prophecy.

         Wish you a prosperous New Year and see you next week for another interesting konkonsa, Deo volente!