‘UEFA A Disaster And Disgrace’

Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho has claimed UEFA’s financial fair play rules are dead and branded Manchester City’s successful appeal a “disgrace” which equates to “the circus opening the door” to unlimited spending.


The Court of Arbitration for Sport overturned City’s two-year ban from European competition on Monday, claiming the club “did not disguise equity funding” but failed to co-operate with UEFA’s authorities investigating alleged rule breaches between 2012 and 2016.


City were fined €10 million—reduced from the original €30m sanction—but are now free to play in the Champions League next season amid fresh talk of a spending spree to help recapture the Premier League title from Liverpool.


Mourinho was careful not to suggest whether City were guilty, but speaking ahead of Spurs’ trip to Newcastle on Wednesday evening, he launched a scathing attack on a process that did not entirely exonerate the club or conclusively punish them.


“In relation to the decision, in any case, it’s a disgraceful decision,” he said. “If Man City is not guilty of it, to be punished by some million is a disgrace. If you’re not guilty you’re not punished. In the other way, if you’re guilty you should be banned. So it’s also a disgraceful decision. In any case, it’s a disaster.


“If you’re not guilty, you don’t pay. I’m not saying Man City is guilty. I’m saying if you’re not guilty, you don’t pay. You are not punished, even with a pound. I know that money is quite easy for them, but it’s just a principle. Why are you paying £8-9m if you are not guilty? If they are not guilty, the decision is a disgrace.