Understand The Global Challenge and Stop Demonstration – Ernest Kobeah To Arise Ghana

A Ghanaian political analyst and a Businessman in United Kingdom Mr Ernest Kwaku Kobeah has advised Ghanaians and Arise Ghana Demonstration organisers to understand the global challenge which has caused many countries to languish in economic crises.

According to Mr Ernest Kobeah, an NDC Presidential hopeful, the world is facing a global challenge, a situation which he said must be considered by all manner of person in other to contribute their quota to help his or her country

” Ghana was not exempted from Covid 19 pandemic which hit the world and caused many countries economy collapsed and with this reason any demonstration is not necessary because no country is safe from this pandemic” He state.

Mr Kobeah continued that as the world was about to experience it normal life, the issue of Rusian – Ukraine also came to bare and this has also added more insults to injury and therefore any group that demonstrate against a government in this world done it for Thier own parochial interest.

The Price of diesel in United Kingdom is now 199.9 pounds in the history of The country whiles LPG is now sold at 97.9 pounds which clearly shows that the world is facing a challenge now.

But according to Enerst Kwaku Kobeah, this government irrespective of the difficult time should also try and reduce some taxes on the fuel to help reduce the fuel price.

With regards to the security issues in the country, Mr Enerst Kobeah said the terrorist on our neighbouring countries can take advantage of these recent demonstration and break into the country and this he noted that it is about time the National Security, the Armed Forces and the Police service take more caution to be proactive and precent these terrorist from entering into to the country.