What Got Sokoto Female Student Burnt To Death For Blasphemy

Details have started emerging on what a female student of Shehu Shagari College of Education in Sokoto actually said before she was bizarrely stoned, beaten and burnt to death by fellow students for blasphemy against Islam.

A voicenote that reportedly triggered the barbaric attack against her has now surfaced on social media.

The female student had reportedly sent the voicenote to her class group chat to complain about her fellow students sending religious broadcasts to the group. In the voice note, she reportedly said something like “nonsense prophet.”

In a translation of what she said in Hausa in the voicenote reads, “Holy Ghost fire, nothing will happen to us. the group is not created for sending nonsense things. It is created to send past questions, if there is test, or if we are given assignments not all these nonsense things. Which kind prophet, nonsense prophet.”

This is believed to have triggered the unlawful action of her colleagues.

By Vincent Kubi