Who Can Overthrow Christ?

IT IS not absurd to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as some people think. Rather, it is a noble thing. In fact, it is a rare privilege to preach the gospel in a world of lawlessness, wickedness, evil or sin. Is it not senseless to applaud the works professional security agencies and the judicial services do, but downplay the significance of preachers of the gospel? Do you not realise that they all are fighting a common enemy and solving a common problem though with different methods, weapons and aims?

Lawlessness which is ravaging the whole world, making it unpleasant to live in is man’s greatest problem. But the unbelieving world including its educated class who boasts of having the ability to reason logically to find solutions to every problem, are ignorant about the fact aforementioned. They cannot be blamed for this ignorance because of the blindness that is in their minds. 

Thus many do not acknowledge, appreciate and understand the role of Christian ministers in the world. Men and women have done great things to solve several problems in the world but are unable to fix the problem of lawlessness (sin) which is the primary cause of several other problems facing mankind. Fighting lawlessness is costly. Over the years, huge annual budgets for the security agencies and judicial services of all nations to fix lawlessness have been fruitless. Evil continues to be prevalent worldwide! 

Now, what great strides have the United Nations, governments and other relevant bodies been able to make in the fight against evil? The truth is, some nations are jinxed with killings, hooliganism, rapes, robberies, arsons, suicides and corruptions while others are enslaved with homosexuality, bestiality, incest, sodomy, witchcraft, occultism, idolatry, human trafficking, kidnapping and several other despicable deeds. Certainly, these are not acts of virtue but evil. And no country is evil-free.

Jesus Christ came to die to save the world from the bondage of evil, lawlessness or sin by the power of His sinless blood. It is for this reason, the message of His death, burial and resurrection is preached throughout the world. And those who genuinely believe in Him are saved from the controlling power of sin and placed under the controlling power of righteousness. 

True Christians, therefore, do not practice sin or lawlessness. They may be tempted to sin but are not slaves of lawlessness to practice it unrepentantly as unbelievers are. 

The main reason scientists and other educated folks cannot fix the problem of lawlessness is that its root cause is spiritual, something they consider as metaphysical and reject. Lawlessness is by the activity of the devil, a malevolent spiritual being that cannot be seen with optical instruments like microscope. And until the devil is eternally judged and denied access to the earth, lawlessness will continue to trouble this world. 

But this is the truth many so-called enlightened men have been programmed to reject. They do not only reject the existence of the devil but also Jesus Christ. They say Christ is a myth, linking the peculiarities of His conception, birth, ministry, death, burial and resurrection to the mythical Horus of Egypt. 

But the comparisons many of today’s atheists make between Christ and Horus in their books, articles and conversations are mere speculations primed basically to deceive and make people Godless. Hundreds of people have been deceived by the lies that are told in the books written by Gerald Massey, a 19th Century English poet and amateur Egyptologist. It is Massey’s poor scholarly works that also influenced the works of D. M. Murdoch especially in his book titled, “Christ in Egypt: The Horus- Christ Connection.”  

However, extensive studies of the Horus myth on the Internet expose these anti-Christ authors and atheists. Clearly, the uniqueness of Christ Jesus shares no similarity with the Egyptian mythical Horus. Let the Christians, therefore, stand firm in their faith and continue to preach the living Lord. He is not a myth but a mystery. Christ is not a historic deity, but a living Son of God. That is why a greater percentage of the world’s population continue to believe in Him, follow Him and learn to live by His teachings while Horus is dead thousands of years ago with virtually no one worshipping him. 

Who can overthrow or destroy the reigning Christ or His church? An attack on Christians is an attack on Christ. Jesus is an indestructible rock. Herod could not kill Christ when He was born. The Pharisees and Sadducees could not prevent Him from fulfilling His ministry. He had power to lay down His life and take it up again on His own accord. The Jewish religious leaders could not destroy the church. Their persecutory agenda against the church rather helped in the advancement of the gospel. 

Attempts by several political dictators to have Christianity wiped out failed miserably. Today, the church is robustly marching on. No institution in the world is powerful than the church of Jesus Christ. Enemies of Christ are wasting their resources. The Lord builds His church and the forces of darkness cannot prevail against it.


By James Quansah