Ya Na Sends High-Level Delegation To Ga Mantse

The Ga Mantse talking to some of his guests


The Overlord of Dagbon, Ya Na Abukari Mahama II, last Tuesday sent a delegation to the Ga Mantse, Nii Tackie Tsuru II at his Palace in Accra.

The Dagbon King’s delegation was charged with informing the Ga Mantse about his presence in Accra for vacation.

The Ya Na’s delegation was made up of the Sing Lana (DCOP) Seidu Iddi of the Police Headquarters and the Tibung Lana Alhaji Abdulai Abukari of the Survey Department and other Dagomba chiefs of some Accra suburbs.

Speaking on behalf of the delegation, the Sing Lana told the Ga King that they had been sent by the Dagbon King to come and inform him about his presence on his land.

“It is only courteous to send such a delegation to you to announce my presence on your land and to express gratitude to you for hosting my subjects here in Accra,” the delegation disclosed Ya Na’s message.

The Ga Mantse expressed gratitude for the courtesy call, adding that the doors of the Palace are opened for him anytime.

The visit by the delegation, he said, is a step in the right direction.

The Ga Mantse used the opportunity to announce the passing of Ga Manye Naa Dedei Omaedru III, which sad incident happened recently.

He also told the Ya Na when the time for the funeral is due, he will be informed so he can come and support them in performing the traditional rites.

The Ga King, however, expressed dissatisfaction about the manner in which some tribal heads are chosen in Accra.

Such selections, he noted, are in some instances done improperly and could lead to clashes on a land which he observed has its own disputes.

Peace, he said, is preferable.

Some Dagomba tribal heads have held themselves well by showing the desired respect. Others, however, need to have their wings clipped because of the way they are carrying themselves, he said.

No house, he said, can stand without a father, stressing that such a choice must be done properly.

“The Ga State is governed by law. Choosing a tribal head improperly could lead to a clash which is what we do not want here in Accra,” he told his guests.

By A.R. Gomda